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Villa La Misteriosa

Long before the first tourists discovered the Amalfi Coast, the steep cliffs rising above the sea were settled by farmers. These terraced hillsides are still covered with groves of lemons and olives, but the original farmhouses have been converted into hotels and resorts. There is one villa which remains unchanged.

Perched majestically on a dramatic ledge overlooking the Mediterranean, here is “La Misteriosa”. A true haven for lovers of tranquil solitude.

La Misteriosa is nestled securely among ancient Olive trees in the very heart of the Amalfi Coast, yet it is hidden away from every well-worn tourist path.

The effect is profound. You are embraced by the beauty of one of the most desirable places in the world. At the same time, you can absorb all of the old-world charm and utter privacy afforded by La Misteriosa’s protected position perfectly blended into the land.

Despite the spacious, modern and comfortable interior, above all else, you will enjoy the sweeping expanse of a terrace that stretches the entire length of the villa’s facade. It’s like the bridge of a great ship, surrounded by one of the best panoramas of the coastline far below. In the pure, light air, the endless silence is broken only by birds and church bells.




Useful information:

Here are the phone numbers of the manager and/or representative (caretaker). Please feel free to call them to let them know about the time of your chek-in, if you need assistance throughout your stay and if you need to arrage your chek-out. Please don't forget that English is not their mother tongue!

Property manager/owner: Mr Antonio - Phone: +39 338 137 3154

Caretaker/representative: Phone: +39 089 874084 or Fax +39 089 874779

Things to remember :

1. Upon arrival at the property the manager will ask you to pay a security deposit of Eur 300, payable in cash. The security deposit will be returned to you prior to your departure minus any extra charges or accidental damages to the property.

2. To be paid at the property: final cleaning and consuming Eur 100,00.

It would be very nice if you could:

1. Leave the rooms and kitchen clean. Although cleaning is being paid for, your kind help will be greatly appreciated.
2. Collect and dispose properly of the litter. Again, the owner will appreciate your help.

We wish you a pleasant stay on the amalfi coast and a great time in Italy!



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